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Illustrated Preflight Guide for the T-34

Basic Instruments
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Precision Aerobatics
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Night FAMs
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EP audio CD
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Digital Jetlog
RIOT Trainer

Pensacola Aera Charts

Instructor Gouge


Helo Preflight


AIGT_METRO Guide.doc




stick diagram from tform 5-6x route.xls


T-44 Pattern Procedures.doc

T-44 VFR Course rules corpus.doc

Load these databases into your PDA:

T-44 Boldface 1
T-44 Boldface 2
T-44 Boldface 3

VT-31 SOPs

If you have any T-2 or Tweet gouge, or any gouge for that matter, please contact the navygouge webmaster at gouge@navygouge.com

Your classmates will thank you.

Fam 1s
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Fam 5s
Fam 6
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Fam 8
Fam 12
Fam 16s

EP gouge
EP 1card
EP 1s
EP 2card
EP 2s
EP 3card
EP 3s
EP 4card
EP 4s
EP 5s

BI 1s
BI 2s
BI 3s
BI 4s
BI 5s



Multipage checklist without color.

Color Checklist.XLS

Multi-page color checklist for the T-45c. Great for your kneeboard

T-45C Checklist & TW-1 info

Single sheet kneeboard card with checklist info and TW-1 inflight gouge.

ASTB gouge.pdf

ASTB 1.pdf

ASTB 2.pdf

Thanks to the users of Airwarriors.com for proiding this outstanding gouge for the prospective Naval Aviator.


Systems Information.zip

Boldface Information.zip

Dash One.zip




These links go to gouge on the web pages of Christopher Triplett. He went through Airforce flight training in 2001 so some of the gouge may be a little old. To see his whole webiste click here: christopher.trippet.net

This must be the best Weather on the net.

West Coast Navy Metro

Cool national chart

Look for more High Quality Weather information comming soon.

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